Tomoe Wajima (輪島 巴, Wajima Tomoe) is one of the female characters of the series.


Tomoe is the 28-year-old head waitress who works at Kissuisō. She loves to talk about gossip a lot, especially those that are related to the staff. Whenever one of the other staff is in a good and comfortable romantic relationship with another person, Tomoe becomes really enraged and/or uninterested out of jealousy. The reason for this may be because she's the only single out of her circle of friends her age. She is so eager to marry, that she once tried to get herself in trouble to get fired. However, this ends when she finds that Kissuisō is her "home".

Tomoe speaks in dialect when she talks to her mother on the telephone; this indicates that she comes from the Hokuriku region of Japan (probably Kanazawa). In "Home, Sweet Home" she is seen as a teenager passing by a younger Satsuki and an infant Ohana at a train station in Yunosagi.

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