Nothing Venture Nothing Win is the 6th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on May 8, 2011.


It is Ohana's first pay day since her arrival. And when she receives the envelope, she feels that she does not deserve the given money. Because of this thought, she is outstounded by how much is in it: 20,000 yen (Approx. $235). She is also surprised because she never received this much money in one bundle before, especially within a month.

Takako Kawajiri, the business consultant advisor of Kissuisō finally appears, visitng the inn for the monthly inspection. In order to attract more customers to the 'low-grade' inn, she has a plan for the waitresses this time. She dismisses the cooks,who she worked with last time, while Ohana, Nako and Tomoe are left to deal with Takako. With the assistance of Enishi, she proposes that they should 'upgrade' the waitresses' uniforms to a more modern outlook, as she sets out tenfolds of clothes from china dresses to sexy suits. Nako and Tomoe are not happy with this suggestion, yet Ohana thinks it can be of some help.

The customers of the day arrives, and Ohana and Nako tests out their new outfit, the china dress, on the customer. Though it seems to be going well for the first seconds, because the customer that comes is a man, soon enough it fails as the rest of his family comes in: his wife and daughter. With the failure of the plan, Sui is not pleased.

After this failure, in order to show the greatness of the inn in a different than what Takako suggested, Denroku the janitor shows Ohana the secret yukata collection of Sui. Though this is supposed to be Sui and Denroku's secret, he lets Ohana and Nako use these yukatas to present themselves in a "Kissuisō" fashion. Customers praises these outfits as the older customers reminisce on the past, when these yukatas were still worn by Sui herself. At the end of the day, Ohana and Nako returns the yukatas to where they belong, therefore ending their day of "reform".