Vengeance is a Staff Meal (Fukushū Suru wa, Makanai ni Ari 復讐するは、まかないにあり) is the 2nd episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on April 10, 2011.


Sui instructs Nako to teach and train Ohana to become a housekeeper of the inn, even though Nako is quite shy about it. When Nako has to attend to another duty, Ohana, having been taught to only rely on herself, cleans another room, where the author Tarō Jirōmaru is staying, by herself. When the staff's breakfast is cancelled due to an error by Minko in the kitchen, Ohana makes breakfast for everyone, though this only serves to irritate Minko further. Afterwards, Tarō complains that some drafts for his stories have gone missing from his room which Ohana had cleaned earlier, having not been informed by Nako beforehand.

After Sui instructs the others to go to resume their duties rather than search for the drafts, junior chef Tōru Miyagishi takes Ohana to pick up some luggage by car. As Tōru mocks Ohana's ability to take care of herself, Ohana inadvertently tells him to 'die' which nearly causes him to crash into a truck. Feeling guilty about it and taking a walk to reflect upon herself, Ohana decides to speak her mind against Minko and Nako, wanting to cook them their least favourite foods tomorrow as payback. The next day, Ohana finds Tarō's draft in a misplaced garbage bag. But those drafts turn out to be erotic stories using her and the other employees as characters. Before she can do anything further, she is discovered by Tarō.