My Beloved Kissuiso (Watashi no Suki na Kissuiso 私の好きな喜翆荘) is the 25th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on September 18, 2011.


Even though it is time to prepare for the Bonbori festival, the Kissuiso staff makes themselves busy to accept and take care of all reservations that are coming in. Ohana herself does not feel that Kissuiso is Kissuiso right now, but when she tries to console with the staff about this, almost all of them ignores her. The reason for this is because they believe Ohana is siding with the Madam Mistress, which is not actually true. Ohana continues to see the staff change their ways, and soon enough they start to get dysfunctional. Nako asks Ohana what the Madam Mistress desires by closing down the inn, and sees that the Madam is wrong about the idea that she is forcing her dreams upon the staff. Nako believes that some people follows other's dreams in order to make their own, and that is how the staff of Kissuiso dreams.

Few days before the Bonbori festival, the kitchen staff and the head waitress has a quarrel about how the other is not working enough, which is stopped by Enishi. He wants peace, and the staff follows that. But the day before the festival, tension rises as the head waitress sprains her leg. The staff are already overworked and need help, but no assistance is available. The staff argues, until when Nako talks about how she wants the Kissuiso she knows of back. At that same time, the Madam Mistress and an unexpectedly visiting Satsuki both offers to help, Enishi's emotion overrides and he tries to deny the help. Takako makes him wake, telling him his goal is to keep Kissuiso standing, not be too proud of Kissuiso. With the acceptance of the help by the two, somehow, the tension seizes and the next day, the staff works without any incidents. At the end of the day, after all work is done, all of them go out to the Bonbori festival...