Compensation for a Dream (Yume no Otoshimae 夢のおとしまえ) is the 23rd episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on September 4, 2011.


Ohana wonders about the decision the Madam Mistress made about closing down Kissuisō after the Bonbori festival. In the morning she tries to talk about this with Minko in their room, but Minko was already awake and gone by the time Ohana was. Ohana questions now of where she will go if Kissuisō closes down. That is when she is called by the Madam Mistress. At the same time, Takako comes to Sui, asking her for permission to go after the director who cheated on the inn's money. Since Takako is planning on going to Tokyo, Sui sees this as a chance for Ohana to go and meet her own mother, Satsuki. Though a bit against her will, Takako has Ohana accompany her.

In Tokyo, Kōichi happens to meet Ohana's mother, Satsuki Matsumae. Kōichi asks if Ohana is fine, but Satsuki believes that he dumped Ohana, therefore answering that Ohana is obviously not fine. But Kōichi states he did not dump Ohana. Satsuki is amazed and invites him to her office. In a different part of Tokyo, Takako and Ohana search for the cheating director. With the help of the information supplied by Satsuki beforehand, the two finds and catch the director. Back at Satsuki's office, she shows the pre-made video, the director gave her, to Kōichi. He is stunned by the hard work Ohana has done so far and is now sure that he will not give up on his love for Ohana. Kōichi leaves and heads home, and on the way, he meets face to face with Ohana by chance...