Love, Kōrin Festival (Ai Kōrinsai 愛・香林祭) is the 20th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on August 14, 2011.


It is the day before the school festival, so Minko wakes early, buys the necessary ingredients, and starts prepping with the unwanted help of Ohana. When Nako asks to have omelette rice for lunch, Minko, unfazed, makes a perfect omelette rice dish. It is revealed then that the reason why Minko objected the omelette rice so much was because the stoves supplied in the classroom would not be strong enough. But by adding Ohana's twist to the dish that solved the heating problem, they finally decide to serve it on the menu of class 2-A's princess cafe.

Tōru arrives and Minko adds a big ketchup-heart around his omelette rice, even though he does not get the "message" on an emotional level as he sees that other men also received a similar kind of service. Later in the evening, after they see from the class building that the campfire has been lit, Minko, Ohana, Yuina, Nako, and her classmates decide to go down and take a look at what is happening.