This Sky, That Sky (Ano Sora, Kono Sora あの空、この空) is the 16th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on July 17, 2011.


Enishi Shijima is leading a movie producer to Yunosagi, and shows him one view of it. But buses arrive at the same spot, showing that lots of customers will be coming in. At a meeting between the inns of Yunosagi, after the adults have said their opinions, they now ask the younger generation, consisting of Ohana, Nako, Minko and Yuina, of what they expect of a hot spring inn. While only Ohana and Nako talks, Minko and Yuina stays quiet. The two explains about how it would be great if the inns had cheap but great meals served and comfortable bus rides to Yunosagi.

After the meeting, the movie producer presents to Sui that he would use Kissuisō as one of the locations. Tomoe hears this news and reports this to Ohana and Nako, which makes them outstanded. Sui and Enishi has a private meeting baout this, and surprisingly, Sui lets Enishi go on with the movie. In order to get ready for the film, the staff have to get themselves ready also. The old pool has to be cleaned, Tarō is asked to make the script for a portion of the film and even the head-chef Renji will be taking good part in the film. The cast comes and the camera starts rolling...