See Ya (Jaana 『じゃあな。』) is the 12th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on June 19, 2011.


After spending the night at a hotel with Minko and Tōru, the next morning, Ohana suggests that they kidnap her mother, Satsuki, and force her to come "visit" Kissuisō. Tōru agrees, but for some strange reason, he will only agree only if they take Kōichi with them as well. While Minko and Tōru visit Tokyo's various restaurants to taste-test, Ohana runs into Igarashi, who tells her that she wants Ohana to decide what her feelings are for Kōichi. Igarashi herself believes that Ohana's indecisiveness in love is locking Kōichi's feelings up, therefore her own feelings does not reach him.

After Ohana gets a call back from Kōichi, who tells her about how he tried to visit Kissuisō while Ohana was searching for Tōru at that time, Ohana feels guilty and decides not to take Kōichi back to Kissuisō. After joining up with Minko and Tōru again, the group goes to see Satsuki before giving up. But with a change of mind, she decides by herself to go to the Kissuisō also. When Tōru's asks Satsuki about why she changed her mind, she replies that it's because Ohana reminded her of herself when she was younger.