Bark at Night (Yoru ni Hoeru 夜に吼える) is the 11th episode of Hanasaku Iroha. It first aired on June 12, 2011.


The rating for the inns has finally come out in the magazines. But the Kissuisō staff are astonished by the low ratings of their inn and also the other inns in the area. All of these inns are displeased with the results, as some are sure that they did better than the given ratings. Fustrated by these results, Ohana forcibly heads out to the city alone in order to give her complaints. She reaches there and asks the publishers who gave the low rating, finding out that it is none other than her own mother. Because her mother was order by the higher-ups to give these low ratings, Ohana goes on a "strike", telling her to change these results. But luck continues to fail when Ohana finally meets Kōichi, only to find out that a girl has approached him. Ohana first complains that it is rude to leave the relation unrequited, but stops as she notices that she too has done the same thing to Kōichi...