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Ohana Matsumae (松前 緒花 Matsumae Ohana) is the protagonist of the Hanasaku Iroha series. She is a energetic and mostly optimistic 16 years old high school student who was working as a waitress at Kissuiso.


Ohana was sent to live at Sui Shijima (Ohana's grandmother) inn in the country-side when Satsuki Matsumae (Ohana's mother) suddenly eloped with her boyfriend to avoid debt. At her grandmother's request, Ohana works at the inn as compensation for her residency there. Before moving, she is confessed to by Kouichi Tanemura (Ohana's only best friend), but before she could answer to his confession, Kouichi ran off and they never saw each other thereafter. Ohana now feels awkward whenever she thinks about him. She met up with him in the city some time after, but after she realized her feelings, she was given the reply "see ya", which could mean that she may not meet Kouichi anymore, to her disappointment. However, as time progresses, Kouichi clears the misunderstanding by stating that he did not reject Ohana during a meeting with her mother. Later, Ohana is finding out about what causes their relationship to be restored.

Ohana has many ideals, and also a strong sense of justice to support them, which often clash with the ideals of the people working at the inn, especially her own grandmother. She has a great desire to help others, but most of her efforts are not appreciated as she does acts on her own. Later on though, others are able to see how true her heart is. As a result of her mother's poor parenting, she made herself become independent at a young age and grew up with the mentality of relying on herself only. She can do housework by herself and also cook well because of this. Since she started working at Kissuisō, she has realized that she must now rely on others also to get through life's difficulties. Ohana are in the same high school together with her friends Minko Tsurugi, Nako Oshimizu and Yuina Wakura. Minko and Yuina are in the same class as Ohana, but Nako is in a separate class.


Character What they call her What she calls them
Nako Oshimizu Ohana-chan Nako-chi
Minko Tsurugi Hobiron (balut) Min-chi (initially Minko-san)
Yuina Wakura Ohana-chan Yuina-san
Sui Shijima Ohana Okami-san (initially Obaa-chan)
Tomoe Wajima Ohana Tomoe-san
Kouichi Tanemura Ohana Kou-chan


  • The name Ohana two meanings from different origins:
    • In Hawaiian, it means "family".
    • In Japanese, it means "thread" (緒) (o) and "flower, blossom" (花) (hana).
  • Ohana's surname Matsumae means "pine tree, fir tree" (松) (matsu) and "front, forward" (前) (mae).


  • Ohana was named by Ayato Matsumae.
  • Ohana's nose is very sensitive as it bleeds easily.
  • Ohana gets drunk easily as seen when she gets drunk even on soda that Satsuki Matsumae says that this is due to the power of suggestion.
  • Ohana likes drinking Cola and Black Tea in a 50-50 ratio as she likes the taste of Cola but the fizzing sensation hurts her mouth.
  • Because of Ohana's honest and forward personality, some of the phrases she says can be accidentally taken in the wrong way.


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