For Hanasaku Iroha, there are three entertaining ways to enjoy th series: watching it, listening to it and reading it. You can chose to watch the anime, listen to the music or read the manga, but that is all up to you fans. Take a closer look into whichever section you wish.



The anime is one way to enjoy the series, This will be aired every Sunday as part of a 24-episode show. Now see what episodes haved been aired and what will be airing.


Music is always amusing for HanaIro. Listen to the music of the series while reading the provided lyrics to the songs. Also enjoy the data of who sings the song, when it was released and what part of the series it was played for.


The manga of Hanasaku Iro is simultaneously released with the anime in Square Enix's Gan-Gan Joker magazine as a bi-weekly series. It may depict the story a bit differently, but it is packed with as much excitement. Read the details of the chapters, including the summary, when it was released and also what new developements have been made.