Kouichi Tanemura (種村 孝一 Tanemura Kouichi) is one of the male characters of the series. He made his debut in the first episode, appearing in episodes thereafter from time to time.


He is a 16 year-old boy who is best friends with Ohana Matsumae, the two went to the same middle school together. He is kind and roundabout with his decisions, as stated by Ohana herself. Because of this, Ohana sees that he is very patient. But when the time came when Ohana had to leave, Kouichi saw that she was still unaware of his own feelings for her. Few days before leaving, Ohana meets with him, where he confesses his feelings for her. Before she could give an answer, he runs off.

After a few months, he once tried to visit Ohana. But because the day he went out was the same day everything was chaotic at the inn, he decided to go home without meeting her. They meet up though when Ohana visits Tokyo, to attempt to bring her mom back with her. Here it is found out that a co-worker of Kouichi holds feelings for him, though he rejects her saying that he had someone else in mind. Ohana and Kouichi later have dinner together and they go back to their old selves for a while at least. Ohana runs out shortly afterwards.

He still seems to hold feelings for her, despite their distance. However, he seemingly rejects her over the phone by simply saying "See ya", which means there might not be a next time, when Ohana finally realizes her feelings for him. In episode 23, it is confirmed that he had not fully rejected Ohana and still holds feelings for her. His feelings are reinforced when he sees a video with Ohana working hard at the Kissuiso in it.

It is implied at the end of episode 26 that Kouichi and Ohana are now dating.


  • Kouichi is called "Kou-chan" by Ohana, which shows how deep their friendship is.